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    Hey Chad, hard to believe last week this time we were getting ready to watch you hit the ice! I totally get why you were so excited about this new music, it is totally amazing. I remember the first time I saw you live was at your first BVJ in 2010. You also sat behind us in the stage seats and I remember trying not to stare (lol!) and also how intent you were on just taking the whole experience in. You have continued to have amazing opportunities, like last weekend, but which one would you say has been a career highlight for you.

    • Hey Melissa thanks so much I’m really proud of the way this album turned out! I cant believe that BVJ concert was almost 6 years ago. Wow! It’s definitely hard to pick one highlight cause I’ve been so fortunate to have had so many memorable amazing moments in my short career thus far, but I think accepting the award for Rising Star at the 2011 CCMAs was a moment that made me feel I was finally part of the country family. A surreal moment I’ll never forget!